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The band Siberia, from Montmeló (Barcelona), mixes fast riffs, powerful breakdowns, odd complex time passages, melodic chorus, and many more interesting things, that make every song a hit. They crushed the metal local scene with their sound, putting their songs into another level with strong live shows.

The band started from a La Granja de Playmobil reunion in January 2009. The members were Alberto López (drums), Carlos Sáez (bass and voice) and Daniel G. Nogales (guitar). They started jamming the old songs in the rehearsal room, but they quickly decided to forget about them and felt the need to create new ones from scratch with their current metal influences. They took Alberto's brother Víctor López, as a second guitarist and Carlos focused on the voice, leaving the bass position to different people until they find Jan Fortuny.

In mid 2010 Siberia launched an EP with two songs to promote the band and make more shows. All the recording and mixing process was done in Carlos's room between February and March, and it was mastered by Juan Pe at K-Cleta Studios in April 2010.

In October 2012 they launched their first LP titled A war inside my head. Drums were recorded in K-Cleta Studios, and voices in Jailden Studios, so this time they only recorded at home guitars and bass. The mastering was done, again, by Juan Pe. The record has eleven songs that can be labeled as progressive metalcore. With a lot of brilliant ideas in every song, all the record flows dynamically from the beginning to end, and the listening to it leaves no one indifferent.

In summer 2013, the band began to compose and make demos for their upcoming second LP. The recording process was done in Wasabi Estudis by Juan Pe and Carles Puntí. It was mastered in Fascination Street Studios (Örebo - Sweden) by Jens Bogren. The LP titled A calculated life cycle has been launched in April 2014. The album contains ten songs that not only follow the previous LP's trail, but also it is a step foward into their progressive metalcore, showing an spectacular maturity and driving the band far beyond.

Daniel G. Nogales: guitar | Jan Fortuny: bass | Carlos Sáez: voice | Víctor López: guitar | Alberto López: drums